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My Favorite Tunic

Hi guys! Before I move into today's look... I wanted to ask you for ideas on blog posts! I could come up with filler posts all day long, but that's not what this is about for me. I want to talk about things that matter to you guys, whether that be fashion related, fitness, anxiety/depression, etc... So PLEASE comment some ideas or you can email them to me ♥
I have been so excited to share this look with you! When I saw this tunic... I learned the definition of 'love at first sight'. I knew I HAD to have it. This is also the shirt that has gotten me the most compliments in my life. It's just pure magic.
Unfortunately, the top is sold out now, but I did round-up some other amazing tunics that I think you'll also love!

All items of my outfit are sold out, so I found a couple similar options for each item:
Top: Option 1 // Option 2 // Option 3 // Option 4 Jeans: Option 1 // Option 2 // Option 3 // Option 4 Booties: Option 1 // Option 2 // Option 3 // Option 4 Necklace is f…

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