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That Velvet Trend

Ok, let's be real... we all totally rocked the velvet back in the 90's and early 2000's. I loved it then & I love it now. My biggest question is... Is it gonna stick around? Sometimes I get so attached to certain trends, and then my heart kinda gets broken when it goes away. I wish I could pick certain trends to never leave me. Fortunately, I think, in today's world, you can literally get away with anything. It might not be what's on the runway this season, but if you like it... you can wear it! I've had many people say things like, "That looks great on you, but I could never pull it off" or "I love that piece but it's not really my style". Well guess what... it's allll up to you, babe! There are some clothing items that I question at first, but I put it on and I LOVE it. What we wear is really more about HOW we wear it. Wear it with confidence! If someone compliments you, don't automatically insult yourself (this is somethin…

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