My Crazy Life

I think I'm going to stop assuming that my life can't get any busier. I'm not complaining. I'm so grateful for this crazy life. It's been so crazy because some amazing things have been happening and will be happening in the very near future. This post is gonna read like a bunch of different journal entries. I feel like that's the best way to capture my May.
May started off kind of rocky. Mike's Uncle Mike (who he was named after) died suddenly on April 29th. A funeral was held for him on May 3rd. We were so grateful to be able to get time off to go down and be with family and help support them during those hard times. Mike was so loved by many people. Him and his wife, Toni, were always people who pushed Mike & I to be better. They knew the potential we had and they wanted us to see it. When we were dating, they always supported us. When we got sealed in July 2015, Mike & Toni were able to be apart of that, and I'm eternally grateful for that expe…

If I Thought March Was Crazy...

April definitely takes the cake! Our day-to-day has been insane & it's going to stay that way through August. 
We started April off with General Conference, which was amazing. My favorite talk was Stand Up Inside & Be All In by Elder Gary B. Sabin. You should definitely give it a read.
April 6th was a pretty big day for us. Caleb & Joshua, my twin brothers, got their mission calls. We opened them that night as a family with a few of their closest friends and their bishop. I was emotional from the minute I walked in my mom's front door. I don't think I've ever felt the Spirit so strongly as I did in that room while they opened their mission calls. I'm not gonna talk much about everything that happened because I want to keep it special to me - just know how amazing this experience was. Caleb went first (he is technically older lol) & he is going to Rancagua, Chile. Then it was Josh's turn and he is going to Bogota, Columbia. 

This picture was taken r…

March 2017

Hey, at least I'm blogging once a month! This month has been CRAAAZY! Some parts have been wonderful, and others have been really hard. We started this month off with two amazing things: 1. My mom had a pretty big birthday this year (I won't tell you how old cuz I want her to still love me haha) & 2. My nephew, Travis, got baptized. Mike had the privilege of baptizing him, and then Mike's older brother, Seth, confirmed him. Travis is the first of my nieces and nephews to be baptized and hopefully he won't be the last. He has set such an amazing example for the rest of them. It was a very spiritual experience. I didn't get any pictures with Travis, but here's a picture of Dylan (my other nephew) & I sitting together at the baptism.

Dylan will be seven in June, so he has one more year till he can be baptized. I finished the Fast Metabolism Diet at the beginning of the month, so I got to go back to eating normal. I definitely over-did it with the junk right aft…