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Finding the Silver Linings in Mental Illness

I’ve talked many times before about my mental illness. I always try to be as open as possible. There are very few facets of it that I just won’t talk about because they’re too personal. If you don’t want to read about my anxiety and depression then, well, why are you even here? There are three things that I want to focus on in this post: How I got where I am with my mental health, how I deal with it, and lastly, why my anxiety is a part of who I am. 

To start off, you must consider your genetics when it comes to mental health. I don’t believe that genes ALWAYS have something to do with it, but in my case, it definitely does. I’m not going to give specifics on parts of my genetics because it’s not really my story to tell. Depression runs deep in my family—on both sides. I recently learned that a few members from my family history committed suicide. My dad has had a couple suicide attempts. My brother and I have had many days where suicide felt like the only option. My sister has struggl…

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